Kazanchis, Infront of Meles Zenawi Foundation

Welcome Message from PA

Welcome to KIS! The School PA (Parents association) represents the interest of all parents and works each year to support the goals and the purpose of the school. The parent’s association, in a wider sense, involves all parents /guardians of Kelem students but, the committee act on their behalf and become the” voices”. The goal and the responsibility of the PA is to maintain the culture and the social values of the school. The PA works on school fundraisers, organize community social activities, volunteer at school, and provide a valuable channel of communication between parents, school administration and the board as well as a forum for discussion on important issues.


The PA plays an important role at KIS. Here are our core initiatives.

  • Improve communication between the school, parents, students & the surrounding community. 
  • Establish and run supplemental school funding programs  
  • Promote and coordinate volunteerism 
  • Encourage parental involvement. 
  • Develop goals to ensure an association that is both facilitative and visionary in nature. 

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