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Our Curriculum

We are implementing an international curriculum, which we are working to have accredited by the Council of International Schools. This curriculum gives us the freedom to choose the best resources and backbones for each subject, while supporting our students to meet international standards.

We’ve got a list of the resources we’re using below. One aspect of the Swedish curriculum we’ve kept as we’ve evolved as a school has been the student-centered teaching approaches, and the critical thinking and problem solving that leads to. Instead of mid-term and final tests and exams, our children complete cross-curricular projects to demonstrate their ability to apply the theories they are learning about in class to real-world situations. This theory to practice helps build up our students’ knowledge using methods they will actually remember, while also strengthening their 21st century skills on communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, resiliency and technology. What sounds like a tall-order for teachers and students alike is made much easier through our implementation of projects-based learning!

All of our instruction happens in English, and all of our students also take French and Amharic lessons. We also offer Swedish (and soon Arabic!) after school.

Our Resources

Our English curriculum is based on Journeys and Connections resources from the US International Curriculum.

Our Science curriculum is based on Fusions resources from the US International Curriculum.

Our Mathematics curriculum is based on Math in Focus resources from the Singapore Math System. We’re supplementing this with MathsMate resources from the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our Social Studies curriculum uses Get in the Game resources for building up citizenship skills in students, as well as HMH Geography and World Regions. All these resources are based on the US International Curriculum.

Our specialty subjects (music, art and PE) use international standards to connect the skills from their subjects to the core content taught in the core subjects.

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