Kazanchis, Infront of Meles Zenawi Foundation

About Us

Kelem International School is a preK-G8 school that was originally established under the Swedish Embassy in Ethiopia in 1946 but reopened as an independent not-for-profit school in July 2019.

Our vision is to become a collaborative center of learning in Ethiopia, where each and every child becomes a confident and self-realized global citizen.

Our mission is to facilitate the realization of every child’s full potential and develop resilient, curious, open-minded and reflective students who are able to express themselves fully and effectively. We wish to enable our students will think critically, analyze and creatively solve problems to be adaptive in a rapidly changing world.

Our school will foster in the minds of our students that learning is a life-long endeavor, setting the example by the continued professional development of our teachers and staff.

Our school aims to produce responsible and compassionate global citizens, with respect and recognition of the rich heritage of our host country, Ethiopia.

Currently the student-body of 198 represent 27 different nationalities and the 21 teaching staff 4 nationalities, while majority of the teachers are Ethiopian.

In Amharic, ‘Kelem (ቀለም) means Color/Paint and it denotes wisdom and knowledge. For instance, if one says ” Someone is ‘kelem yegebaw/yekeda’ it implies that the person is enlightened/ knowledgeable/ well educated / intelligent/ well read. Besides, ‘Kelem signifies the diversified & colorful community we have at our school.

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