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KIS Admission Policy

The purpose of the policy is:

  • To clarify the process through which students gain admission into Kelem International School
  • To ensure the selection criteria and procedures are consistent and fair to all applicants.
  • To ensure an equal opportunity and a commitment to offering a secure environment where individuals are treated on the basis of their own merits, abilities and skills.

Kelem International School provides first class international education following the Finnish Curriculum.

Applications for admission will be accepted throughout the year based on the suitability of the school’s educational programme for the prospective student and space availability.  

KeIem International School is committed to a fair and transparent admissions process. Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical, social, emotional, psychological ability or religious beliefs.

Admission is based upon completed application documents, previous school reports and the ability of Kelem to serve the needs of that student.

The Ministry of Education classifies Kelem International School as a community school, and Ethiopian citizens must have a permission letter to attend any community school.  Ethiopian citizen applicants must provide a permission letter from the Ethiopian Ministry of Education General Education Inspection Directorate for admission. The letter must state that the Ethiopian government has no objection to the student attending Kelem.

A complete application must include the following documents:  Paper copy of the documents must be completed by the parent and then uploaded electronically on the Class Reach Platform by the Dean of Students.

  • A fully completed enrolment form
  • Full academic reports (including IEPs if applicable) from all current or previous schools for the past academic year. 
  • A completed health declaration form 
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate or copy of passport – for proof of date of birth

Copy of parents passport

  • Two colour passport photos of the child
  • Two colour passport photos of parents / guardians for their ID cards.
  • A letter from the Ethiopian Ministry of General Education Inspection Directorate for Ethiopian citizens.
  • Registration fee of $1000 (non-refundable)

A non-refundable registration fee (non-refundable)of $1000 should be paid when the student is accepted into the school.

If the application is accepted and a space is available, the family will be informed and must pay the first term tuition fees before the student starts school.

If an applicant is accepted and a space is not available, the family will be informed and the student placed on the waiting list. 

If the school is unable to provide the appropriate support for the applicant, the family will be informed that the application is not accepted.

All students have an interview during the application process with the Dean of Students

Age appropriate tests are conducted for all new students.

Students will be offered places on a ‘first come, first served’ basis but with the following exceptions:

  • Those with siblings in the school will have priority;
  • Family applications will take priority to ensure that there are adequate spaces for all of the children from one family;

If classes are full, students will be placed on the waiting list and are contacted by the Dean of Students when a place becomes available.

All prospective students are placed in a class according to the Age-Class Placement Chart.  


Age of child at the 1 September

2 year & 6 months KG 3
3 year & 6 months KG 4
4 year & 6 months KG 5
5 year & 6 months Prep
6 year & 6 months Grade 1
7 year & 6 months Grade 2
8 year & 6 months Grade 3
9 year & 6 months Grade 4
10 year & 6 months Grade 5
11 year & 6 months Grade 6
12 year & 6 months Grade 7
13 year & 6 months Grade 8
14 years and 6 monthsGrade 9
15 years and 6 months

Grade 10


Class sizes

The maximum class size for all classes is 20 students

The Dean of students is responsible for the admissions process. He/she must liaise with the Principal/Vice Principal before informing parents of the final decision.

The school recognizes that the admission of children with special learning concerns is complex, requires thoughtful professional judgment, and needs to be undertaken on a case-by-case basis

The Student Support Services are focused on delivering an individualized, student-centered approach to education for those learners who require additional support, be it for a specific area or subject, or for those students who require a specific or adapted curriculum.

During the admissions process, parents must disclose if their child has learning needs and the Learning Needs Coordinator will be informed.

Additional documentation/assessments may be required before a final decision about the application can be made. This additional documentation will be determined by the Learning Needs Coordinator.

The Learning Needs Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that Kelem can make adequate provision for any prospective student to the school who has individualized needs outside of the mainstream classroom. This will include the development of an Individualised Learning Plan to ensure progress is being made and to prepare the student for future options.

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