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PA Activities

In the year 2019- 2020 the PA has accomplished many events. 

Like Nobel Price Lunch ceremony, Christmas Bazzar, family day etc.… and have shown a productive engagement to improve the services at our school and topics that impact all our school. Here are some of the activities that are done by the PA

  • Made a detailed assessment on the status and quality of the school canteen services,
  • Consulted a nutritionist and advised the school on the lunch and snack menu 
  •  Submitted a comprehensive design for redesigning and renovating the existing school canteen. 

• Provide First Aid Training by a volunteer parent with extensive experience in First Aid Training.

• Provided the school administration a comprehensive Health and Safety policy and checklist with the aim to provide and maintain safe and healthy environment for all students and staff and to encourage a safety culture within our school.

• Organized a motivational training to all teachers with the support of a professional motivational speaker volunteer parent. Teachers were provided a total of 5 training session with main focus on the law of attraction and achieving what one most desired. It also focused on Dreams, Goals and Targets.

• On the After School Program/ASP parent have conducted Survey questioner prepared and evaluated by the PA for the 1st term of the ASP activities

• PA organized several events together with the Student dean

• Nobel Price Day Lunch was a great success.

• 132 books and 4,400.00 birr was raised at the first family day on October 19th for our school library.

• 65,392.00 birr was raised at Christmas Bazzar, which was donated to the school for the improvement of the school playground. 

•  Collected used cloths and shoes to support the students in need at our neighboring school – Miss Ford Elementary school. A total of 28,250.00 birr was also raised at the same event to support the school next door.

• PA was also actively involved in supporting the school administration in coordination the school community to contribute/donate different items including; non-perishable foods, medical equipment, sanitary products, bottled waters, money, etc in a case of lockdown that could have been ordered by the government to mitigate the outbreak of Covid -19 in April 2020.

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