Kazanchis, Infront of Meles Zenawi Foundation

Grade 7 – 8

The special task of grades 7-8 is to guide and support the pupils during the years of intense development, to ensure that they complete their studies in the basic education syllabus, and to encourage all pupils to continue studying. It is especially important that each pupil has the best possible preconditions for the studies following basic education and the ability to consider his or her choices realistically and based on knowledge. 

During these grades, the differences in the individual development of pupils as well as in the developmental pace of girls and boys often become more apparent and starts to affect school work. The pupils are guided to understand their own development and encouraged to accept themselves. They are also encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, their studies, friends, and surroundings.

The pupils are guided towards developing a community spirit, where bullying, sexual harassment, racism, or other discrimination is not tolerated. The pupils’ motivation to study is enhanced by caring and encountering each pupil as an individual and by using diverse working approaches and learning environments.

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