Kazanchis, Infront of Meles Zenawi Foundation

How To Apply

Contact Admission

Fill in the quick form and make appointment to meet the Dean of Students (DoS). 

Here is a link to the application form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B7fI1TT1AIWRUzBdG8vpwNfwzmdV5SP3/view?usp=sharing

You can send an appointment email to info@scsaddis.com

Gurdian and Student complete and submit application form.

Submit Credentials:

  • Transcript from the previous school (s)
  • Passport copies for parents and student
  • Passport photo for parents and student
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Health Declaration form (with immunization record)
  • Photo and video release

For Middle School Applicants

  • Complete recommendation letter form and essay.

School completes reference call and reviews application.

Family notification of acceptance or denial via phone and email. Acceptance email includes the below details:

  • Family handbook
  • Student school email with access to KIS platforms and educational database
  • Teacher contact information
  • Fee structure/arrangement
  • School calendar

Student Orientation

The student will be provided with:

  • Schedule
  • Behavior contract and 
  • Stationary

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