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Classroom Procedures

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Class Bubbles

To minimise large interaction classes will be split into smaller groups up to a maximum of 15 students per group.  This will be the class ‘bubble’ and there will be minimum interaction between different bubbles.

Each bubble will have an assigned classroom and specialist teachers such as music, art and science will move around each group, rather than the students changing classrooms.

Entering the classroom

Before entering, students should wash their hands at one of the handwashing stations and then will need to line up outside their classrooms using the markers on the floor, which ensure that they are following social distancing requirements. If students are not able to wash their hands at one the handwashing stations, then students must sanitise their hands prior entering the classroom with hand sanitiser

Classroom Layout

The layout of the classroom will ensure that all students are following social distancing requirements and are facing the front of the room. Desks and chairs are spaced at a minimum of 1m apart and each student will have an assigned seat.

All teachers and teacher assistants will have to wear masks or face shields anytime they are working with students or students are in the classroom. They should never pull them down when talking.   Students in KG classes will not be required to wear a mask when in the classroom, but should wear a mask when moving around the school.


The school will provide an individual stationery pack for each student, which should be kept in the classroom.


Cleaning staff will clean the classrooms twice a day. In addition to this,  older students will be asked to wipe their assigned desk and seat with cleaning materials provided, before leaving the classroom in a way that will ensure social distancing.  Each class will have a hygiene pack consisting of spare face masks, sanitiser, plastic gloves, a spray bottle of disinfectant and paper towels.


Whenever possible windows and doors will be partially opened to allow fresh air to circulate.  When students are not in the classroom windows should be opened.

Teachers will use this checklist and follow these protocols every lesson.

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