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Educational Adjustments

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Outdoor Play

 A revised break schedule will be created to provide safe opportunities for outdoor recess.   Students should wear masks and will be monitored by teachers.

PE Classes  

PE classes will maintain regular schedules but with limited class sizes. Any sports equipment used in classes will be thoroughly disinfected before and after every class. Where activities allow for social distancing, masks will not need to be worn. Students will be required to wash hands upon arrival and at the completion of PE classes. The PE teacher will have a  hand sanitising station.

Art/Music/Science and library rooms

The art room, music room, library and science lab will be used as  additional classrooms to accommodate for classes being split into smaller bubbles of students. Rather than students moving from classroom to classroom, teachers of these subjects will rotate around the students’ classrooms.

Art Classes

  • Students must wash their hands before and after each use of shared art supplies.
  • No playdough, clay or plasticine can be used at this time.
  •  Teachers will spray and wipe down surfaces used by students and community equipment with disinfectant before and after each class.
  • Students will wipe down their workspaces with paper towels given to them by the teacher at the end of each class 

Music Classes

  • Music teachers will use their discretion when determining if students should remove their protective masks depending on the activity. 
  • Teachers will spray and wipe surfaces touched by the students with disinfectant and students will wipe down the objects with paper towel given to them by the teacher at the end of each class.
  •  Teachers will spray and wipe down community equipment  (instruments, etc.) with disinfectant after each class. 
  • Classes maybe adapted to focus more on music appreciation, composition and theory.


The library will be repurposed and used as an additional classroom to accommodate smaller groups. Students will have a selection of books brought to them in a book basket chosen by the librarian and class teacher with selections rotated on a regular basis.  

Returned books in the book basket should be left untouched for 3 days. On day 4, books are wiped down using alcohol wipes and can then be returned to use.

After School Activities (ASAs)

After school activities will be suspended until it is deemed safe to do so. This will be regularly reviewed.

Field trips

There will be no scheduled field trips during the first term. This will be reviewed again in December.

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